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Who we are - chi siamo
Our headquarter
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“Fratelli Mazza di Mattia” (Mazza brothers from Mattia) happens to be, thanks and in fortune of past generations and current one (being this the fourth generation), one of the oldest and most known Factories of coral and cameo shell production in Torre del Greco. Born as “Mattia Mazza fu Salvatore” (“Mattia Mazza from Salvatore”) in the early 1900 and turned into “Fratelli Mazza di Mattia” (“Mazza brothers from Mattia”) it has always been a family-run business, though all its evolution, untill the current directorship held by Bruno Mazza only. Although time has passed, we have always done our best to keep the charm of memories, still being careful to keep us up with current times. Born as coral-producer only, due to the constant market requests, the Factory started working on many other raw materials (cameo shells and mother-of-pearl) and then dealing with finished products, and in the end, from the last few years, we have extended our area of interest to classical products and silver (925%) and gold (585% and 750%) creations, born also thanks to our clients who, with their ideas and suggestions, help us to give birth to original and particular masterpieces.
Salvatore Mazza (Bruno’s father)

Bruno Mazza Coral Factory
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